How to Get Stress Free Photos with Kids


November 19, 2022

Family photos can be really stressful, especially with little ones. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to make sure your family photos look the best they can! That’s why I’m here today to share my best tips on how to get stress-free photos with kids. Scroll down for all the tips!

01. Set Realistic Expectations

It is almost impossible to get toddlers to sit down and behave for an hour to get pictures. So don’t expect them to. Try to keep your expectations rational. You know your child better than anyone, you know how long their attention span is, and you can sense when a breakdown is coming, keep these things in mind. Plan for them in your session. Let your photographer know how long your child can normally keep focus, as your photographer I will work with you to make sure we get those beautiful photos no matter what.

02. The Right Place

One way you can help to avoid meltdowns is opting to take your family photos somewhere your kids enjoy going, maybe their favorite park, or the beach. Choosing the right place will help keep your kids entertained and smiling in pictures.

03. Bring Rewards

Make sure to bring motivation! Little goodies like snacks and toys will go a long way in an hour session. We can also incorporate them into the photos, who doesn’t love some bubbles in their pictures? These little goodies could be just the thing that keeps your toddler smiling for one more minute so I can get those beautiful shots.

I hope these tips on how to get stress-free photos with kids we’re helpful! Now let’s get your family session on the calendar, reach out to me here and let’s chat. I can’t wait to meet your beautiful family! For some family session inspiration, click here.

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