Why You Need a Wedding Album


December 30, 2022

As a bride there are likely so many questions running through your mind, “Will my dress alterations be done in time?” “Why haven’t people RSVPd yet?” etc. So I’m here to answer one of the many questions you may be asking, “Do I really need a physical wedding album?” My short answer: yes! Keep scrolling to see my top 3 reasons why you need a wedding album.

01. It’s A Forever Backup

Hard drives can fail, and USBs get lost, but a book filled with all of your precious memories from your best day is something you will treasure forever. Technology is ever-changing, only a few years ago wedding galleries were delivered on DVDs. Having a physical book of photos ensures that no matter what changes in technology in the future, you will always have a way to look through your gorgeous wedding photos.

02. You Will Look Through the Photos More

This is not a scientifically accurate statistic but I think you are 100% more likely to look through your wedding photos if they’re sitting in a book right in front of you, instead of on your phone somewhere you have to swipe past Instagram to get to. The more you look through the photos from your best day ever, the more you reminisce about your great memories with your favorite person. Also having your wedding album displayed in your house will give your guests the chance to look through the photos as well. This can open up a conversation to share stories of your wedding day, and grow closer to the guest visiting your home.

03. It’s More Personal

While having the photos digitally is great for sharing with relatives and friends who live far away, having a physical wedding album creates a much more personalized experience for sharing your wedding photos with friends and family. You can sit and turn through all the pages together sharing stories of everyone’s perspective of the day. You can choose photos from the gallery that tell the whole story of your wedding day. I’ve even seen people add additional pictures, in the beginning, to share their entire love story from start to present.

I hope this list of 3 reasons why you need a wedding album answered one of the many questions running through your mind. For more wedding tips, click here. To book me for your big day, click here.

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